Funds and scholarships

Faculty funding for student activities

Health has allocated funding to support the social and academic study environment. Applications may be submitted in two annual rounds of applications.

Who can apply?

Students at the Faculty of Health’s degree programmes can apply for funding for student activities. Both individuals and groups/student associations under Health can apply for the funding.

What can the funding be used for?

The funding must be used to promote a good study environment, either socially or academically. For example, you can apply for funding to hold social or academic events, or for student clubs, debate forums, networks, the running of student associations and similar. In addition, groups can apply for funding to take part in meetings and conferences.     

As a general rule, we do not provide funding for individual students. Neither do we provide funding for festive events or catering. The purpose of this pool is to support the academic and social study environment, so as a general rule support is not given for activities that have a purely academic aim. 

After a specific assessment, funding is given to individuals who, in the course of their work on a board of studies or similar, wish to participate in education conferences or other relevant events.

How can I apply?

The application must include a description, purpose and the approximate number of students who will be involved in the activity.

In prioritising the applications received, emphasis will primarily be placed on whether the activities that are supported benefit as wide a group of Health students as possible.

When should you apply?

There are biannual deadlines for applications on 15 April and 1 October. 
You should send your application to: 
You will receive a decision approximately 14 days after the application deadline.