Registration for teaching

Prioritisation of elective subject/seminar

Between 1 -5 May/1 - 5 November you must submit your prioritisation of elective subjects via the  Student Self-Service (STADS) system. This is relevant for you if elective courses are included in your coming semester.

Prioritise all elective subjects! When we assign students to the elective subjects, we try to take into account both your and the other students' priorities. We cannot guarantee that your highest priority will be met, which is why it is important that you prioritise between all the subjects offered.

You will be able to see which elective subjects you have been allocated no later than the end of June and the beginning of January via the Student Self Service (STADS) system. This allocation is a binding registration, and you cannot withdraw from the course. If special or extraordinary circumstances apply and you wish to change an elective subject/seminar you have (been) registered for, you must apply for a dispensation from your board of studies .

If we do not receive your priorities in the period from 1-5 May/1-5 November, you will automatically be allocated a place on one of the elective subjects offered on your degree programme on which places are available.

Is there an error in your registration?

If you are not registered for the correct courses, or if you wish to register for additional courses, you must send an email to your degree programme’s course and examination administration: