Student projects at the Department of Biomedicine

The Department of Biomedicine offers a range of projects for bachelor, masters and PhD students at i.e. medicine, molecular medicine, molecular biology, biology and biotechnology at Aarhus University. Students from other universities are also welcome.

Please contact the specific project supervisor (see table at the bottom) to discuss the details and a possible participation in the project.

There might be individual rules for exactly your education regarding participation in such projects so we recommend that you contact your student counsellor for details (see Student Counselling in the left menu).

Project Day for presentation of the research projects

Each year in May there is a Project Day for all students who may be interested in participating in a project at the department. Each supervisor will present a poster with the research project(s) that students can participate in.

Time and location will be posted here when known.

Projects for bachelor, master and PhD students

Use the search field to find your preferred subject or see the entire selection in the table below. You can also sort all columns alphabetically.

Bacteriology Slow-growing anaerobic bacteria in implant-associated infections Holger Brüggeman
Neurobiology Nerve injury and pain Christian Vægter
Immunology, proteins Immunology and oxidation Steen Vang Petersen
Immunology, proteins Adaptive immunology Søren E. Degn
GeneticsCRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing Rasmus Bak
NeurobiologyNeuronal and immune changes in models of Parkinson's Disease Marina Romero-Ramos
Physiology, ProteinsHypertension and kidney diseaseRobert Fenton
NeurobiologySynaptic transmission and plasticity Mai Marie Holm
NeurobiologyTransport across the Blood Brain Barrier Susanne Trillingsgaard Venø / Morten S. Nielsen
GeneticsDevelopment of Ocular Gene Therapy Thomas Corydon
Cell BiologyLithium-induced Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus Birgitte Mønster Christensen
Cell Biology, GeneticsReproduction and development Karin Lykke-Hartmann
Virology and Immunology Herpesviruses and host cell interactions, Multiple sclerosis Vivien Schack/Per Höllsberg
Neurobiology, Cell Biology, Proteins Neurodegeneration, Parkinson's disease, dementia Poul Henning Jensen
GeneticsPsychiatric Disorders Genes and Disease Mechanisms Jane Hvarregaard Christensen
Virology and ImmunologyNeurodegeneration and inflammation Tove Christensen
ImmunologyImmunological disease mechanisms Tue Wenzel Kragstrup
Pharmacology Pharmacological approaches to improve endothelial function Simon Comerma-Steffensen / Ulf Simonsen
ImmunologyTargeting macrophage activity to promote remyelination Magdalena Janina Laska
ProteinsMembrane receptors Christian Brix Folsted Andersen
Cell Biology Why does megalin dysfunction result in eye and kidney disease? Rikke Nielsen
Immunology Autoimmune diseases Thomas Vorup-Jensen
GeneticsCRISPR-based functional screening of the genome for studies of disease and treatment Jacob Giehm Mikkelsen
GeneticsEpigenetics in Biomedicine Anders Lade Nielsen
GeneticsPortable DNA sequencing Mette Nyegaard
Neurobiology Protein sorting in neurological and metabolic disorders Simon Glerup
Cellebiology, Cell membranes, Proteins Cancer mechanisms - understanding advanced melanoma cancer Mette Madsen
ProteinsBiofilm i MRSA bakterier Maria Andreasen
Cellebiology, Cell membranes, Proteins Endocytic receptors in health and disease Kathrin Weyer
Immunology, Cell biology, Proteins Tumor-associated macrophages Anders Etzerodt
ImmunologyCuring diseases with parasitesPeter Nejsum