The principles for distribution of clinical training at medicine

The principles

  • The distribution of clinical training for the degree programme in medicine is random. This means that your clinical training may take place at the same hospital, or be distributed among different hospitals.
  • As a student you can therefore find that all of your clinical training takes place outside of Aarhus; on the other hand, all your clinical training could also take place in Aarhus.
  • In the case of the heart, lungs and vascular system semester, the location of the rotation depends on which elective subject you receive as a student. However, the distribution of the clinical location remains random.
  • At each distribution of clinical training there is a short period for swapping clinical training placements with one another. Specific information regarding deadlines etc. in connection with the individual distribution of clinical training will be sent by email. The board of studies does not welcome the trading of clinical training placements.
  • The following hospitals are considered by the board of studies to be within commuting distance of Aarhus:
    • Randers
    • Silkeborg
    • Horsens
    • Viborg

Stationing will apply at the Regionshospital Gødstrup. Stationing involves the possibilty of overnight stays which you'll arrange directly with the hospital. 

You will receive a seperate e-mail regarding the possibility of stationing directly from Regionshospitalet Gødstrup.
In the e-mail you will find the necessary information regarding overnight stays, and the deadline for applying for the accommodation. If you don’t apply within the given deadline, you are not guaranteed free accommodation.

Possibilty for exemption

As a student you have the possibility to apply for exemption from the drawing of lots and receive priority for a clinical training placement in Aarhus or within commuting distance, if you qualify under the principals named: 

  • Students in permanent relationships who have their own children under the age of four living at home are offered a placement within commuting distance or in Aarhus.
  • Single parents with children living at home that have the child/visiting rights for more than half of the time.
  • Students with illnesses that require they remain in Aarhus, including spouses/children with serious illnesses. It must be documented with a doctor’s certificate that the treatment cannot be carried out on the days that are spent in Aarhus or at the hospital to which you are affiliated.
  • Students at AU Elitesport

It's the board of studies that decides the guidelines for distribution of clinical training including the possibilities for exemption.

Mandatory documentation when applying

You need to attach specific documentation when applying for exemption from the drawing - read more here:  



Send it to:

Children (under 4 years)

Copy of:

  • The child's yellow medical card
  • Your own yellow medical card

If the child is unborn you have to send copies of the following:

  • The mother's medical record ("vandrejournal")
  • The father's yellow medical card
  • The mother's yellow medical card

The team organiser

(see table under Contact)

Children of single parents

Copy of:

  • The child's yellow medical card
  • Your own yellow medical card
  • Statement from Udbetaling Denmark about child support to single parents (find it on

The team organiser

(see table under Contact)

Illness with treatment in Aarhus

Copy of:

  • Treatment plan stating that the treatment can only take place in Aarhus

The board of studies via


Students at AU Elitesport

Copy of:

  • Statement from ACTIVE institute
  • Detailed training plan for the specific semester (recommended)

The team organiser

(see table under Contact)



The deadlines for applying for exemption from the drawing are:

  • For clinical training in the Spring semester: September 15th
  • For clinical training in the Fall semester: March 15th

Remember, that you have to apply:

  • EACH semester that you want exemption from the drawing
  • for the next semester and not your current semester

The casework time is often 4-6 weeks and it's only the cases that are settled on Novmeber 10th and May 10th that, if eligible, can be exempted from the drawing.


If you have questions to the distribution of the clinical training, please write to Health Studies at:

Remember that if it concerns illness you have to send the application for exemption to the board of studies via