International Office


COVID-19: Unfortunately we are not able to offer face-to-face meetings at the moment, but we are still available for online guidance via Zoom. Below you can see our contact information, who to contact and how to book us via the booking system.  

At the International Office we help: 

  • AU students who would like to spend a semester abroad on exchange
    as well as
  • international exchange students coming to AU to study


Agro-and Food Sciences, Computer Science and IT,
Mathematics, Data Science and Science Studies.

Biology, Molecular Biology and
Molecular Medicine

Bachelor Engineering Programmes
Master Engineering Programmes

Geoscience, Nanoscience, Chemistry,
Physics, and Astronomy

Bodil Klein Juhl

Member of Administrative Staff

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Academic International Coordinators

When you start planning your study abroad – whether you choose the Nordic countries, Europe or an overseas destination - you must contact the academic international coordinator at your department. The academic coordinator has an overview of the department's exchange agreements, and he/she can provide you with initial guidance about advance approval courses or refer you to the relevant head of degree programme.




Computer Science

Physics and Astronomy

Bachelor of Engineering

Biological engineering

Keld Lars Bak

Training Manager, associate professor

Structural engineering

Electronics engineering

Torben Gregersen

Temporary Lecturer

Mechanical engineering

Health engineering



Trolle René Linderoth

Director, Associate professor


Mathematics - Outgoing

Mathematics - Incoming

Molecular Biology and Genetics