NAT-TECH Study Abroad Events


Aarhus University has more than 900 agreements with universities all over the world.

This gives AU students the unique possibility of going on exchange and studying in another country.

International Day at Nat-Tech

Thursday 27 Oktober from 16-18, bldg. 1531, Aud. E
Nat-Tech will be hosting an international afternoon, where you can come and hear presentations on how to go on exchange. After the presentations it will also be possible to have a chat with your international coordinator. 

Info meetings in the degree programmes, autumn 2022

BEng in Electronic Engineering, Electrical Power Technologi, Software Technology, Helathcare Technology, Mechanical Engineering
3 November at 16:00 at Katrinebjerg. Aud. 5510-103
The International academic Coordinators Henning Hargaard and Jesper Sejersen will participate and there will be presentations by a student who has been on exchange.

Computer Science and IT product Development
Friday 30. September, 15:15-16:00, Store Aud 5510-103. INCUBA, IT Building, Åbogade 15, 8200 Aarhus N
Are you thinking about a semester abroad? Particularly relevant for those who go on the first year of the Master's programme – but everyone is welcome. There will be presentations from the international office and from a student who has previously been on study abroad through AU.

11 Oktober at 16.00-17.00. Building 1523-318.
Information about study abroad through AU. At the meeting the student counsellor, the international coordinator and a student from physics who have previously been on exchange will participate. 

4 Oktober at 9.00-10.00. Building. 1514-115 (Aud III)
Information about study abroad by the student counsellor and the international co-ordinator.