General rules and regulations

General terms and conditions for applying for an exchange place

  • You must be actively enrolled as a full-time student at AU
  • Study broad must not prolong your studies at AU or the total duration of your degree programme. If you are unable to obtain a full ECTS load (30 ECTS per semester) during your exchange, you must make an agreement on how to catch up on the missing ECTS points.

Credit transfer rules

You must apply for a pre-approval of the courses you intend to take at the host institution after you have been allocated an exchange position.

If you enroll in other courses that the ones that have been pre-approved, you must apply to AU for an updated pre-approval that includes the new courses.  This is to ensure that the examinations passed abroad will be inserted in your AU degree programme once you return home.

Upon return when you receive your official transcript of records from the host institution, you apply for the credit transfer via, and the examinations passed abroad will be inserted in your degree programme at AU.