Student Counsellors

What can a student counsellor help you with?

The student counsellors are all enrolled on a bachelor's or master's degree from Natural Sciences or Technical Sciences and can help you if you for example...

  • find it difficult to complete your studies or want to reschedule the course of your study
  • wish to switch degree programme, quit your studies or wish for a leave of absence
  • are ill in connection with exams
  • fail your exams
  • have questions regarding the academic regulations of your degree programme

Notice that Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences offer both course-specific student counselling as well as student welfare counselling. Please contact your local student counsellors before contacting the student welfare counsellors. 


Celia Lemming Hald

Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry

Anne Kristensen

Computer Science, IT Product Development and Bioinformatics

Nikolaj Beck Mikkelsen    

Data Science

Jeppe Rode

Geology and Geophysics

Peter Hinnerfeldt Andersen

Mathematics, Statistics and Science Studies

Agnete Bie Westphael 

Mathematics - Economics

Anne Katrine Tinggaard

Molecular Medicine

Morten Øgelund Overgaard

Molecular Biology

Trine Juul-Kristensen


Lasse Desdorf

Physics and Astronomy

Silke Sofia Dainese