Research year

Research year

If you're studying either Medicine or Odontology you have the possibility of taking a research year.

A research year is a unique opportunity to delve deeper into a topic and get a closer look at the world of research and life as a researcher. If you have had your appetite whetted for life as a researcher, you can also extend your time with a Master’s PhD.

If you are considering taking a research year you can find more information about requirements and who to contact.

Research year, leave and registration for teaching and exams

If you are applying for enrolment in the research year, you must be aware of the following:

There are two annual rounds of applications and you can start your research year on either 1 February or 1 September, so that it follows the degree programme semesters.

To start a research year the following things has to happen:

  1. You apply for enrolment in the research year at The Graduate School - read more here.
  2. Like all other students, you will automatically be registered for teaching for the next semester but you won't be placed in a class before HE Studier knows whether or not you're actually enrolled in the research year.
  3. You'll get either a) accept of your enrolment in the research year or b) rejection and then you'll be placed in a class
  4. After your accept you apply for leave via Read more here: Guidance about leave.  
  5. Once your leave has been granted, your registration for teaching and exams will be deleted.

All of this has to fall into place before the start of the semester where your research year starts.

FAQ - Research year

Q: I have been enrolled as a research year student and must apply for leave via Student Self-Service (STADS). When must I do this and during which period should I apply for leave? What am I applying for leave from?

A. It is correct that you must apply for leave. You must apply before 1 September/ 1 February and you must enclose your letter of enrolment from the Graduate School as documentation. The same applies if you have been enrolled as a research year student at another Danish university – you must enclose the letter of enrolment you have received as documentation. While you are on leave you cannot receive SU (the Danish Education Grant) and you may not participate in examinations or re-examinations on your degree programme. Read more about leave here.    


Q: I have received an email stating that I will automatically be registered for teaching next semester. But I cannot see that I have been enrolled on the Student Self Service (STADS). How can this be? I assume that registration happens automatically when it’s time to begin at the university again. 

A. Precisely! The registration happens automatically, but we ask that you check that the registrations are correct. You should do this in the periods between 1-10 November and 1-10 May. You have probably not been registered as we receive lists from the graduate school with the names of enrolled research year students. This allows us to plan so we can make optimal use of the classes and clinical training placements/seats.


Q. I have applied for enrolment on a research year next semester, but I do not yet know whether I have received a grant for it. I can see that I am registered for a course next semester, but I hope that I do not have to participate in it. When can/should I apply for leave from the degree programme?


A. It is correct that you are registered for courses for the next semester, even though you are applying for enrolment on a research year. Once you have received confirmed of your enrolment on the research year, you should go to Student Self Service (STADS) and apply for leave, which can be granted the same day. Please note that leave cannot be applied for retrospectively. HE Studies Administration will ensure that your registration for teaching and exams are cancelled.


Q. How does it work when I have to register for teaching again after the research year. Do I have to do at a specific time or is it done automatically?

A. When you've finished your research year you'll automatically be registered for teaching at your next semester. We register you at the end of April/October and you can see at your Student Self Service (STADS) in May/November. We recommend that you check your Student Self Service (STADS) at the beginning of May/November to see if everything is correct.


Q: I also wish to use my research year report as my Master's thesis. How do I ensure that this is formally correct? 

A. Have you read all the information on this subject on the Study portal about the Master’s thesis?     


Q: I would like information about the formal requirements of the research assignment. I have e.g. realised that I have to prepare an appendix.

A. This guide can be found on the Graduate School website. It should answer your questions. If you still have questions, please contact the Graduate School or read more on the Graduate School’s website.


Q: When must the assignment be submitted to the university? 

A. When you fill in the thesis contract, you must use the same date of submission as the Master’s thesis for the submission of the research year report.    


Q: Who can I contact if I still have any questions?


A. You can contact the Graduate School by email, or you can read more on their website.