FAQ - Bachelor project and Master's thesis


Administrative support

If you have any problems with your exam registration or other questions about the exam, you should contact the exam secretary.

You will find contact information for your examination secretary in connection with the concrete exam in the Digital Exam system or in the email you receive before the exam. 

Technical support
ontact Nat-Tech IT –support for technical support.

Please notice: If you cannot submit your assignment in the Digital Exam system before deadline due to technical problems, please contact studieservice@ase.au.dk afterwards

Academic help
Contact your teacher.

Login ind via WAYF, and use your user name and password from mitstudie.au.dk

Guide to home assignments, BA projects and Master's theses

Here you can find a guide to the Digital Exam system.  

When will my exam start?

When your exam is ready in the Digital Exam system, you will receive a notification mail in your inbox, and you will be able to log on to the system to find out when the exam starts. 

Remember to submit your paper in good time

Do not wait until the last minute to submit your paper! Please notice: If you have been inactive in the Digital Exam system in some time, you will have to log on again.

What formats can I submit my exam paper in?

This depends on what your exam administrator gives you permission to do. Normally, you will be asked to submit your exam paper in PDF. You will always be able to submit supplementary material in other formats. You can see what formats are permissible under ‘Upload exam paper’ for the specific exam in the Digital Exam system.

How do I submit a blank exam?

If you don’t want to submit an exam paper, you can click ‘submit blank exam’ under ‘Exam information’ once the exam has started.

What is the deadline for submitting the exam?

The deadline for your exam can be found on the list of exams you are registered for. You must submit your paper before the deadline set for your exam in order for your exam paper to be accepted.

This means that it is important for you to submit your paper in good time so that you have time to deal with any unforeseen problems before the deadline.

How can I make sure that my exam paper has been submitted correctly?

You will receive an email receipt stating that your exam paper has been submitted on time. You will also be able to see a receipt after you click ‘deliver’. You can print out the receipt if you like.

Can I see my exam paper after I have submitted it?

Yes. After you have submitted your exam pape and the deadline for submissions has passed, you will be able to see what you have submitted on your receipt page.