FAQ - Oral exams and active participation


Administrative support

If you have any problems with your exam registration or other questions about the exam, you should contact the exam secretary.

You will find contact information for your examination secretary in connection with the concrete exam in the Digital Exam system or in the email you receive before the exam. 

Technical support
ontact Nat-Tech IT –support for technical support.

Please notice: If you cannot submit your assignment in the Digital Exam system before deadline due to technical problems, please contact studieservice@ase.au.dk afterwards

Academic help
Contact your teacher.

Login ind via WAYF, and use your user name and password from mitstudie.au.dk

Why do i have an exam in Digital exam for my oral exam?

The exam in Digital Exam is mainly for you to see your exam registration, as well as for your assessors to enter your assessment after the exam.


Therefore, you do not need to do anything in Digital Exam.

Where can I find the exam room for my oral exam?

The rooms for the exams are listed on the exam plan on the study portal.

You can find it under "Examination" > "Examination schedules" > choose your programme and then the right exam.

Where can I see the exam order list for the exam?

You can see the exam list and your spot on the list via your login at the study portal under "Examination" > "Examination schedules".


The exam list is not a time schedule, so if one student does not show up, the next one on the list will be examined instead. Therefore, if you want to make sure that you are there, when the lecturers are ready to examine you, you should be there from the beginning of the exam schedule - you cannot know whether all students listed on the exam schedule will be present.

Have you been granted prolonged preparation time for your oral exam?

Your prolonged exam time will not be shown in Digital Exam. However, it has been incorporated into the planning of the exam and the exam order list.