Entrepreneurship spaces

There are a number of various entrepreneurship spaces at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Faculty of Technical Sciences, working with different types of entrepreneurship. You can read about the entrepreneurship spaces below.

Orbit Lab

ORBIT Lab is a creative and inspirational tech hub with workspaces and unique experimental facilities packed with the most recent technologies in ICT such as mobile, wearable, cloud, internet of things, virtual reality and augmented reality.

The lab space is situated in the very heart of Campus Katrinebjerg. We challenge the eager minds of driven students to create innovative solutions, explore their ideas and get them off the ramp. The goal is to create a vibrant and interdisciplinary knowledge hub where new ideas can flourish.

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hatchIT Lab

In HatchIT Lab, you can develop a startup idea in a business-oriented incubation and innovation environment. The lab is located closely to the IT research and educational facilities at Aarhus University.

Hereby, HatchIT Lab contributes to collaboration between students, researchers and companies. As an open innovation environment, HatchIT Lab supports sharing of knowledge and experiences between students, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses and well-established companies.

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Food eHub

The Food entrepreneurship hub (Food ehub) is a startup environment focusing on agriculture and food innovation across the value chain. All students at Aarhus University can be accepted regardless of their study programme.

The Food ehub aims at facilitating network and providing tools and mentors to the students to help them along to become successful entrepreneurs. The open office environment for the students allows the students to connect to and spar with each other.

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Startup Factory

We offer offices, workshop facilities, prototype workshops, laboratories, processes and specialists. Together they provide entrepreneurs at Startup Factory a unique opportunity to develop an idea into a business model. Be an entrepreneur by doing an internship in your own company.

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AU Incubator

At the AU Incubator, we support students who want to work on entrepreneurial projects while studying. If you are an AU student and you have a business idea, we will be happy to help you move it forward.

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