#2030: A Writing Competition

What is your vision for the year 2030? Global English Editing invites students to contribute to their writing competition.

2014.03.25 | Marie Louise Bro Pold

Tell us your vision for the world in the year 2030

Global English Editing in association with The Expert Editor, is offering $1000 in prize money to the best “idea” created on Ideapod related to the year 2030.

You must outline your vision for the world in the year 2030, in 200 words or less. We have a world renowned team of judges who will evaluate the ideas.

You can explore a range of topics, including technological and scientific developments, the state of humanity, the environment, and politics.

Details of the competition be found at www.geediting.com/competition.

Deadline for submission is Friday 16 May 2014.