Changed deadline and procedure for registration for reexaminations

If you have not passed your exams in courses from the spring semester, you can sign up for reexamination (2nd or 3rd attempt) in the winter semester between 14th-16th of September 2018. You register for your reexamination by sending an e-mail to Katrine Pinholt (

2018.08.16 | Julie Drejer Kornum

Dear students

The new deadline for registration for reexamination is the 14th-16th of September 2018 and not the 18th-20th of September as earlier informed. If you did not pass or were absent from your first examination attempt (the ordinary examination), you are personally responsible for registering for the reexamination in the new registration period (the 14th-16th of September).

You register for reexamination by sending an e-mail to Remember to inform about your student number and which course(s) you wish to register for.

A prerequisite for registering for a reexamination is that you have used an examination attempt at the ordinary exam.

The examination dates will be published here at the study portal under the item "Examination plans"

Find more information on reexams and make-up exams here.

If you have any questions regarding registration for reexamination, you are welcome to contact ASK Aarhus BSS Student Services.

Best regards,
Aarhus BSS Study Service