Important information about online and on-site exams

As you have been notified via your AU email, the exam schedule has just been updated and published on the study portals. Here you can see which exams are online and which are on-site and require physical attendance.

At the moment, lecturers as well as administrative staff are working hard to offer students the best possible exam conditions in these turbulent times.

The first on-site exams are scheduled to take place as of 18 May.

Any requests to maintain the oral online exam, e.g. due to health issues or practical challenges of making it to the exam, must be justified and sent to: no later than five working days before the specific exam.

As a result of the physical lockdown of Danish society and the universities, Aarhus University initially converted all exams into an online format. However, following the political agreement on a controlled reopening of society in phase 2, it was possible for the university to reconvert some exams into on-site exams. At Aarhus BSS, it is the oral exams that are currently being converted into on-site exams.

For more information about the updated exam schedules and the conversion into on-site exams, we also refer to the message you received on BlackBoard on 14 May 2020.

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