Status on Thursday’s fire at Fuglesangs Allé

On Thursday 2 January, several students had their exams interrupted due to a minor fire at Fuglesangs Allé. One exam had to be postponed. All exams have now taken place, and the power supply has been reestablished.

On Thursday 2 January, a fire broke out in a transformer located in a service and waste disposal room in a separate building at Fuglesangs Allé. The fire brigade were quick to put out the fire, which caused a power cut in several of the buildings.

Due to the fire, almost 850 students in four different exams had their exams interrupted for an extended period while the scope of the damage and the subsequent handling of the exams were assessed and considered.

To ensure the least possible inconvenience for the many students, it was decided to try to carry out the exams that had already begun, with a delay. This meant that some students were able to hand in their exam papers digitally in Wiseflow while others handed in their papers on a USB stick and a few via email. Students taking handwritten exams handed in their papers as planned.

Aarhus BSS Studies Administration is currently uploading exam papers that have been handed in via email and USB stick to Wiseflow. When the paper has been uploaded, the student will receive an email receipt. This should happen some time today and/or tomorrow.

Status on the individual exams

  • The handwritten exams in Macro 1 and Micro 2 were held according to plan.
  • On Fixed Income on the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD), students used their mobile phones to get internet access. This was in agreement with the exam supervisors. All students handed in one time either via their mobile phone internet access or via a USB stick.
  • On Family Law and Law of Succession and the elective courses on the Law of Obligations, students handed in their papers in various ways. As the exams were held in several rooms, students also experienced slightly different ways of handling the situation.
  • Financial Accounting was postponed for Saturday 4 January from 15:00 to 18:00. This exam was held without any problems with the participation of the vast majority of students.

Power supply reestablished aFuglesangs Allé
Throughout the weekend, efforts have been made to reestablish a stable power supply. On Sunday night, a permanent power supply was thus reestablished at all of Fuglesangs Allé. In continuation of this, AU IT has successfully tested all of the IT systems.     

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