Study abroad and 'odd' semesters

Remeber to plan ahead if you are about to study abroad and the semesters do not match AU's semesters.

2016.01.26 | Marie Louise Bro Pold

When you decide to study abroad, you should be aware that semesters abroad do not always fall as semesters at Aarhus University. In addition, the study progress reform sets up a number of requirements for completion and study activities, which you also have to meet in the semester where you will be studying abroad. For instance the study progress reform requires that you must take courses equivalent to 30 ECTS each semester. If the semesters at the foreign university is planned differently from the semesters at AU, it may be difficult comply with this requirement.

Therefore, it is important that you start planning "odd" semesters at AU in good time, to ensure that you will still be able to obtain 30 ECTS per semester.

You can, among other things, take courses at Summer School, project seminars or other courses, which all have a certain degree of self-study with supervision from a teacher. It is possible to do this either before or after your stay abroad.

In case the overlap between the semesters is only a brief period (a few weeks), it may be possible to handle this, if you contact the teachers on your seminars. Often you will be able to make an agreement on how progress requirements/participation requirements are handled in the few weeks, where you will not be able to participate in the courses at AU.

However, you might find yourself in a situation in which the overlap between semesters is so long that it is impossible to plan your study programme so you will comply with the study progress reforms requirements of 30 ECTS per semester. In this case, you must submit an application for exemption to the board of studies as soon as possible. Here you must suggest an alternative study programme with the least possible delay for your completion of your study programme.