Student associations

Across the Universe (AtU)

is the department’s very own cultural association. We introduce students to all kinds of social cultural events. By being a member of AtU, you can experience everything from horse racing and beer tasting to canoe trips and concerts. Our trademark is 100% fun, 100% culture, and 100% high spirits – so keep an eye on our events and bring your fellow students with you!
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Global Politics (GloPol)

is the association at the department which seeks to promote debates about international politics. Each semester, the association organises a series of events that shed light on current international issues and contribute with perspectives different from those presented during your classes. Our former guests include Connie Hedegaard, Anders Samuelsen, Stine Bosse, Dominic Schroeder, and internationally recognised researchers. Our events are made possible by committed volunteers across different semesters, and we always have room for more!
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IFSK Soccer (the department sports club)

is the soccer club (Est. 1997) at the department with approximately 170 members. The club organises a large number of social events, including two annual Legendary Pub Crawls and Tour de Friday Bar. Every year, IFSK competes against FC Jura in the rival match ‘the Battle of BSS’ with more than 300 spectators. IFSK helps create a strong social network across age, gender, and semester at the department. IFSK: “Always bigger – never too much!”
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IFSK Handball (the department handball club)

is the new handball club at the department, so far with a joint practice session for men and women once a week. We aim to play senior handball in the autumn. So, if you like to throw balls and have fun after the game, IFSK Handball will be perfect for you! You get two trial practice sessions for free, so dust off your old handball shoes and meet us at practice! //IFSK Handball     

JUL at IFSK (Christmas at the department)

is the cosiest association at the department, organising the wildest day of the year: the Christmas Day! This day, teaching is cancelled to make room for researcher and teacher awards as well as lots of bars. The bars have different themes and are run by the associations and subjects at the department (including the lecturers). The atmosphere intensifies during the legendary Christmas Revue! The revue has been a tradition for 36 years, so if you want to join an association with traditions, renewal, and mad jokes, JUL at IFSK is an obvious choice. The day culminates with the Christmas party – a fantastic end to the Christmas Day.
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Kandestøberen (the department newsletter)

is just the thing for you if you are interested in everything happening in the world and at the university, and if you enjoy some great company with room for fun and games. ‘Kandestøberen’ (the armchair politician) or ‘Kanden’ in short is the department newsletter for students and staff and is published once a month. So far, it is only available in Danish. The newsletter consists of an academic as well as a humorous section and has something for everyone. There is free access to our weekly editorial meeting where we guarantee there will be coffee and a nice opportunity to socialise. Our new initiative is called ‘Podkanden’ and is where we discuss and produce podcasts: Our podcasts are available in Danish at Spotify under the name of PODKANDEN. We look forward to seeing you!
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is the association for Master’s degree students. Our goal is to create a better study environment for Master’s degree students, socially as well as academically. We organise exciting academic and social events for Master’s degree students.
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Kritisk Profil (talks and debates at the department)

provides a critical and alternative perspective on politological topics. Previously, we have had presentations on topics such as the role biology plays in political science, populism, and the legalisation of cannabis. As part of the association, you can help select topics and speakers, and it is very easy to gain influence.
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Politologisk Bogformidling (Politological Book Service)

(often referred to as ‘PB’) is a non-profit book distribution service and association which sells materials for the syllabus for all semesters as cheaply as possible as well as a wide selection of paper supplies. PB is run by 30 volunteers and two employees and is also a free space for social activities with room for everyone. Here, you can relax with a free cup of DJØF-coffee, have a chat with your fellow students, or play board games with your study group. PB is open Monday through Friday 12:00-13:00.
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Politologisk Forening (Politological Society)

(often referred to as ‘PF’) is the academic, festive, and social association at the department. PF is run by 13 board members who organise academic talks, social events, and other activities for its members. PF also organises eight parties each year (including the introduction week party ‘RUSfesten’) and together with Law and Psychology, it organises the weekly friday bars ‘The Friday Bar for the Social Sciences’.  Each semester, there is a study trip, former destinations including Bulgaria and India. PF represents political science and social science at the annual Regatta, the largest student event in Northern Europe.
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Statsrådet (Political Science Council)

StatsRådet, the political science council, is an umbrella organisation for the various political student organisations and voting lists at the department. The council represents the student body on the department’s board of studies, the department’s governing body, as well as on other university bodies.
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