Computer/written exam

Almost all written exams are computer-based exams. There are two forms of digital exams: either all aids and materials are permitted (Flowassign) or no aids are permitted (Flowlock). Click here for more information about digital exams.


1.  You must bring a valid student card to all your exams.

2.  The exam venue for all written exams will be announced on the study portal.

3.  The meeting time for written exams is between 8.30 and 8.50. The exam commences at 9.00.

4.  Students must bring their own laptop or desktop computer as well as all extension cords, junction boxes etc. – i.e. all equipment needed to get the computer to work. Please see the general guidelines.

5.  Only bring the permitted and most necessary materials to the exam. You may be subject to routine bag inspection, so please remove all non-permitted materials in advance to avoid causing delays in the exam schedule.

6.  Remember that you are not allowed to borrow anything from your “neighbour” when the examination is in progress.