Formal requirements for submission of take-home assignments

When handing in take-home assignments, a number of formal requirements apply to the assignment. The following is a supplement to the rules you can find in the individual course descriptions in the AU Course Catalogue.

Please note that there are separate formal requirements for bachelor projects and Master's theses.  

Formal requirements and maximum number of characters

  • Appendices, tables and figures are counted in the total number of characters. It is the student's own responsibility to count all characters (incl. blanks) in both tables and figures even when these are inserted as images in the text (and thus are not automatically counted by Word)
  • The following are not included in the calculation of the total number of characters:
    • Front page
    • Table of contents
    • Bibliography
    • Headers, footers and page numbers
    • Abstracts

Rejection of exam papers due to formal errors and omissions

In some cases, take-home assigments may be rejected without assessment if the formal requirements are not met. This will be done in the following cases

  • When the time of submission is exceeded
  • When the assignment exceeds the maximum number of characters
  • When the following is missing from the assignment:
    • Front page containing all relevant information (to be completed via Wiseflow)
    • Bibliography (accurate specification of sources used in the assignment)
    • In case of group exams: indication of which student is responsible for each part of the assignment
    • In case of bachelor's project and master's thesis: English abstract