Room booking - WebUntis

Room booking system at Health

As a student at Health you can book rooms and group rooms in the system WebUntis. You can only book the rooms that belongs to the Faculty of Health. Some educations at Health also uses WebUntis for viewing time tables.

Read more about how to book and which rooms you can book on the page "Study spaces and group rooms at Health".

Study areas at Health

Study areas offering peace and quiet for in-depth study or group work can be found at several locations around the university.

The rules for booking are:

  • You can only book one week ahead
  • A maximum of 2x3 hours per student per week
  • In case of a no-show the room will be available after 15 minutes
  • The door has to stay open so other groups also can work in the room
  • Since the rooms are big, no room can be booked exclusively by one group
  • If you have questions please contact HE Studies at

Read more about the different locations below.

You can find instructions to how to book the rooms in WebUntis here (in Danish).

Find an overview of all study rooms on AU on a map here.