Academic regulations and ministerial orders

The programmes at Aarhus University are regulated by a number of acts and ministerial orders as well as by rules laid down by the university itself. The rules of the individual degree programme are stipulated in the programme’s academic regulations. As a student, you are responsible for keeping up with the rules and regulations that apply to your programme. That is why it’s important that you keep up-to-date with new rules and changes in your academic regulations.

Academic regulations

The academic regulations consist partly of general rules and partly of a catalogue which describes the course elements of the degree programme and the exams in the individual courses.

When you are enrolled on a degree programme, you are also enrolled under a specific set of academic regulations. You will always be enrolled under the current (latest) academic regulations, but there may be other active academic regulations that apply to your programme. In the self-service system, you can find your degree programme structure - this will tell you under which academic regulations you are enrolled.

Find your academic regulations here: Academic regulations.


Acts and Ministerial Orders

See Retsinformation for the Danish Public Administration Act, The Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data and other acts and ministerial orders.