Projectbased internship (work placement)

A project-based internship offers you an opportunity for getting acquainted with the practical aspects of your Master’s degree programme. It also offers you an rich insight into what graduates work with after they finish their education.

Project-based internship as part of the Master’s degree programme in Political Science

On the Master’s programme in Political Science, you must take classes corresponding to 90 ECTS credits before you write your Master’s thesis. At least 60 ECTS credits must be within the field of political science while up to 30 may be related to social science. For example, you may take 70 political science ECTS credits and 20 social science credits. Or 90 political science credits and 0 social science credits.

Project-based internship are always approved as social science credits and you can obtain a maximum of 20 ECTS credits for your work placement.

If you wish to obtain 30 ECTS credits in the same semester as the internship, you can choose on of the following:

  • regular seminar at Poltical Science,
  • an August seminar,
  • an individual political science seminar,
  • a summer school course (e.g. AU summer university).

Alle of the above must be pre-approved/registered at the same time as the usual course registration.

If you do not plan to obtain 30 ECTS in each semester, please be aware of the rules on maximum period of study.