Requirements for project-based internship

The following requirements apply if you want to do a project-based internship. You can also find information about the requirements in your study guide.

The employment must be of a formal nature (contractual)

In connection with the approval of the project-based internship, you must be able to document that the employment has been of a formal nature. The documentation may be the work placement contract. You are allowed to receive a minor reimbursement from the host organisation to cover any increased costs of living. However, it must not appear from the documentation that you were paid during the project-based internship.

An external supervisor from the workplace

Your external supervisor should make sure that you are given tasks and responsibilities which are professionally relevant and interesting for you. He or she should also follow and guide you in your work. Your agreement should state who is responsible for supervising you during the work placement.

An internal supervisor from the department

As a student, you are responsible for finding an internal supervisor among the department’s permanent lecturers - Ph.d.-students not included. It many be a lecturer who you know from lectures, Master’s seminars, supervision or similar. You are responsible for contacting the lecturer in question asking if he/she would like to be your supervisor.

Before your project-based internship begins, you and your internal supervisor may discuss how your work placement is or could become academically relevant. During the actual project-based internship, your internal supervisor may function as a sparring partner in matters relating to the work placement and in case of questions or problems that arise in connection with your work placement.

Your internal supervisor must approve the academic relevance and scientific level of the project-based internship.


Companies that affiliate students in project-based internships can give them an acknowledgement to show their appreciation. Students can accept acknowledgements up to a maximum of 3000 Danish kroner per month besides their monthly student grant (SU).

A project-based internship forms part of your education as it is an integrated part of the courses constituting your degree programme. Therefore, students are eligible to receive SU while they take part in a project-based internship. Please note, as a student you cannot accept a salary during your project-based internship. This also applies if you give up your SU.
Students cannot expect to receive a permanent monthly acknowledgement from the company. Furthermore, you cannot make an agreement on beforehand that ensures a monthly acknowledgement
However, the student and the company can make an agreement from which it appears that the student can receive an acknowledgement for her/his efforts.

Find more information about rules on this website: State Educational Grant

Legislation and salary

A number of countries (e.g. France and Germany) have legislation that requires companies to disburse a salary to students when they work for the company as part of a project-based internship. Students can receive the salary constituted by law, if they participate in a project-based internship in one of the countries where salaries are required. However, it is important to emphasize that the student cannot receive SU while they also receive a salary from the place of internship.

Students must at all times be able to document that it is a legal requirement before they are allowed to receive salary in connection with a project-based internship.

The employment must be of a certain length/scope

In order to get the credit for the placement transferred to your degree programme, you must be able to document that your project-based internship comprised a minimum of 250 working hours. If you want the project-based internship to be credit transferred as two social science seminars (see more under Application and approval), you must provide documentation for a minimum of 500 working hours. In other words:

  • Project-based internship comprising 10 ECTS credits: A minimum of 250 hours
  • Project-based internship comprising 20 ECTS credits: A minimum of 500 hours


The project-based internship must be structured as a teaching course

The external and internal supervisors must guide you and supervise you during the project-based internship.

Preparation of the final assignment

Students must always prepare a report in order to get the credit for the project-based internship transferred.

The report

To finish your project-based internship and in order to receive your credit transfer, you must hand in a  report. The report must not exceed 28,000 characters (incl. blanks), incl. appendix and notes. This may include an account of the relevance of the project-based internship in relation to selected theories or a selected political science issue.
The report is subject to approval by the internal supervisor.

The report must reflect the aims of the project-based internship.
You can find the aims for the project-based internship in your academic rules.
The specific content of your report must be arranged with your internal supervisor.

The report must be handed in to your internal supervisor no later than March 1 for internships in the autumn semester or October 1 for internships in the spring semester.

The report must meet the same requirements regardless of whether you want to transfer the credit for the project-based internship as one or two social science seminars.