August seminars

August seminars are held as regular seminars, i.e. that they are targeted at MA students in Political and Social Science. The courses are typically run from the end of July to the end of August, and the final exam will be held before the autumn semester begins. The scope of the August seminar is the same as ordinary seminars.

Registration for August seminars

You register for the August seminars via > STADS at the same time as other courses. You will find information about registration periods and guidance on registration for courses under 'Registration for Master's courses'.   

You are able to register for August seminars in the autumn semester registration period. If there are still vacant places left, you may also register for the August seminars in the spring semester registration period.  

Please note that registration is binding.

You can find the August seminars in the AU Course Catalogue (under courses taught in the spring semester).


Exams in August seminars take place according to the following plan:

  • Ordinary exam: August
  • 1st re-exam: January
  • 2nd re-exam: February
  • 3rd re-exam: the following summer (June/August)

For registration for the re-exam please contact 

Please remember, access to the re-exam requires a used exam attempt in the ordinary exam (non-pass or absent).