New exam schedule on the way - changed exam conditions in selected exams

An updated exam schedule applying from 18 May 2020 is now available on the study portals. Please note that the exam schedules are updated regularly and that they may be subject to changes.

We encourage students to check the study portals regularly as this is where the updated exam schedule for the degree programmes at Aarhus BSS will be published and adjusted on an ongoing basis. The exam schedule is found in the menu under “Examination” and “Exam Schedule”. 

On some degree programmes, the schedule will include changes to how oral exams are conducted. Some have been converted from online oral exams into oral exams with physical attendance.

Reason for the updated exam schedule
The reason for why some exams have been reconverted is that on 7 May, a political agreement was made regarding phase 2 of a controlled reopening of Danish society. Among other things, the agreement means that with effect from 18 May, it will be possible for universities to expand the partial reopening to include teaching and exams which require physical attendance. This week, the boards of studies at Aarhus BSS once again considered each exam, which is the reason for the updated exam schedule.

Important links
If you would like to know more about how the coronavirus situation affects you as a student, you can find answers to key questions at this FAQ page. You can also read more about digital exams at Aarhus BSS on this page.

If you are unsure about how your exams will be conducted or if you have any questions about your situation, you are welcome to contact Aarhus BSS Student Services or the Student Counsellors' Office at Aarhus BSS.

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