VBA for Excel makes it possible to make routines and functions in Excel, which are not built in as a standard. Furthermore VBA makes it possible to makes advanced Monte Carlo simulations. VBA for Excel is a popular tool, which makes it possible to analyse advanced problems.


Computer rooms:

VBA is a basic part of Excel and therefore every computer with Excel has VBA. The program can be found on all the computers in the following rooms:

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After buying and installing Office 365 University, Excel can be opened. To access the VBA part of Excel the shortcut ALT+F11 can be used, otherwise the developer module has to be activated through File -> Options -> Customize ribbon -> Select developer under Customize the Ribbon.


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Analytics Group does not conduct courses for this program at the given time, but upon request a course can be arranged. This is done by contacting analytics@au.dk with the requested content for the course and requested duration, after which a course structure will be suggested that are consistent with the given requests.

Course material

Below the course material from current and previous courses is listed:

The material below is focused on the course Financial Engineering on the Cand.Merc.FIN study. In this connection Analytics Group conduct two courses and the material for the first course can be found below:

The first part of the course introduces the VBA environment, creation of procedures and functions, debugging techniques, variables and data formats. The second part of the course focuses on if-then-else functions along with loops and how to use arrays. The course material contains an introduction along with examples of each subject and assignments with solutions.

Part 2