Returning to AU

Credit transfer of your subjects

Upon your return, you can use your transcript of records from the host university to document that you have passed the agreed subjects. When the credits from abroad have been transferred to your study programme at AU, it will be stated in your examination certificate that you have been on an exchange abroad. No Danish grades will be stated for examinations abroad; they will simply be listed as 'passed'. However, in some cases, the foreign grades obtained at the host university will also be listed on your AU certificate as additional information.

If this is not the case, and you want to show people your results from abroad, you can refer to your 'transcript of records' from the host university as documentation.

While abroad, it is important that you keep all the papers handed out in connection with the courses, such as reading lists, compendiums, exam questions and subject descriptions. It is also important that you keep a copy of the assignments you write during the semester and for examinations. In this way, you will be able to document the academic content of the courses you have done abroad.

Remember also to request a 'transcript of records' before going home.

How to apply for credit transfer depends on your field of study. Most students at AU should apply for preliminary approval using a template in the Self-service system. Please contact the board of studies/ your study center for the procedure at your department.

Failed subjects

If you have failed some of the subjects studied abroad, you must contact the AU Studies Administration. Students at Aarhus BSS should contact the student counsellor.


All students going abroad under one of the AU exchange agreements undertake to complete an evaluation form after their return. Link to the evaluation form will be sent to your AU-email.

The evaluation forms contain a lot of important information which may be useful for other AU students who are in the process of planning a stay abroad, and who are looking for the right university. Your experience will give them a clear picture of what they can expect in terms of courses and subject ranges, cost of accommodation, transport etc. at the foreign university.

ERASMUS students lose their scholarship if they do not complete the evaluation. 

Become a mentor/buddy for new international students

Each semester, several hundred new foreign students arrive at Aarhus University, either as exchange students for one or two semesters or on a full Bachelor or Master’s degree programme.

AU is looking for volunteers who would like to act as mentors/buddies for these students. As a mentor/buddy, you can play an important role in welcoming these new students to AU and helping them to settle in socially.

If this sounds like something you might want to do, please contact the relevant coordinator responsible for your area of study/faculty.