Are you starting the first semester without a proper timetable

Are you starting the first semester without a proper timetable?

First-semester students (both Bachelor and Master) are registered for compulsory courses in August, so they don’t get their personal timetables until Studystart week 35 or 36. However, you can still find out when your teaching will be taking place.

Before the start of the semester, you can find your course schedule by using the course titles rather than your student registration number.

  1. Go to Timetables.
  2. Click ‘Courses’ in the left-hand menu.
  3. Write some of the course’s title in the ‘Search’ field and click ‘Enter’.
  4. In the ‘Select course(s)’ field you can limit your search by selecting a specific course or class.
  5. You can select a specific week, day and time in the following fields.
  6. Click ‘View Timetable’. Please note that you can view a variety of information.

NB. Check your timetable regularly so you know if your teaching activities have been moved. Timetables do not necessarily stay the same from week to week.

Your registration for compulsory courses will be finalised by the start of the semester and can be seen at and then in Timetables.