Free Summer Universities abroad

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+Free Summer University destinations for AU students

+Need to get ahead or to catch-up on ECTS credits?

+The application round for 2021 is over (but you can still go on your own)

2022 information

It is no longer possible to apply for an exchange spot at one of AU's Summer School agreements. 

But Circle U is arranging three free Summer Schools, which you can still apply for as an AU students.

One in Berlin, one in Oslo and one in Paris. Participation is free of charge and comes with a travel scholarship. Application closes on 29 April. Read more here

It is also possible to go to an international summer school abroad on your own outside of AU's agreements.

There’s plenty of options to go to a summer school abroad on your own. Almost any major or medium sized university will have an English taught summer school in one way or another.
The easiest ways to find them is to either just google summer schools in Europe or which part of the world you are interested in, or to go directly to one of the many online portals for summer schools, such as this one:

Going on your own means that you are arranging everything yourself, including paying the tuition fee the summer school might charge for their courses.

If you get a pre-approval for a self-arranged summer school you may be eligible for the Danish state scholarship for study abroad

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