Delay and inactivity


There are many reasons why you might not be able complete your studies within the prescribed period of study. You might have been ill, failed an exam or been on maternity or paternity leave etc.

It can be difficult to find out how to plan and structure the rest of your study programme once you’ve been delayed. The student counsellors are therefore ready to help you make a plan for how to proceed with your studies, when to take which courses and how to live up to the active enrolment requirements prescribed by the SU grant scheme.

Study inactivity – new rules as of September 1st 2015

Health has introduced new rules for student guidance and control of inactivity as of 1 September 2015.

Inactivity is recorded on the basis of not earning ECTS.

  • After six months of inactivity, you will be offered an interview with a view to resuming your active enrolment.
  • After 12 months of inactivity, you will be invited to a compulsory interview, at which a study plan will be agreed upon and signed. If you do not participate in this compulsory interview, you will be withdrawn from the university.
  • After 18 months of inactivity, you will be withdrawn if active enrolment is not resumed in accordance with the study plan.

IMPORTANT: This is only relevant for students who do not pass any exams during the period (and thus do not earn any ECTS).

Rules regarding credit transfer

You will not be withdrawn under the new rules as of 1 September 2015, but you will receive warnings according to the new rules.

This means that:

  • Only students who have not passed an exam for three years will face withdrawal as of October 3.
  • A student who has not taken any exams during this year’s summer exam will receive a first warning as of October 2015 with a view to being withdrawn in March 2016.

From March 2016, the new rules will be fully rolled out and will include warnings, notices and withdrawals.

Guidance interviews

If you become so delayed in your degree programme that you are at risk of being withdrawn, the university is obliged to offer special student guidance. The interviews vary according to how delayed you are: 

  • More than 6 months: You are offered a guidance interview to help you complete your degree programme.
  • More than 12 months: You are under an obligation to participate in a special guidance interview. At the interview, you enter into a study inactivity agreement together with the university with a view to resuming your degree programme. The agreement contains a study plan that is drawn up for a period of two semesters. The plan may result in you having to apply for one or more dispensations. These will be clarified in connection with the interview.  

If you fail to comply with the study inactivity plan, you will be withdrawn from the university.