Student counsellors



Changes in relation to the corona virus

For the time being, you can only book online appointments with student counsellors 13. April 2020.

Likewise, it is not possible to meet the student counsellors in the open office hours.

You are very welcome to send an e-mail with your questions instead. 

What can a student counsellor help you with?

The student counsellors are all enrolled on a bachelor's or master's degree from Faculty of Natural Sciences og Faculty of Technical Sciences and can help you, if you for example...

  • find it difficult to complete your studies or want to reschedule the course of your study
  • wish to switch degree programme, quit your studies or wish for a leave of absence
  • are ill in connection with exams
  • fail your exams
  • have questions regarding the academic regulations of your degree programme

Notice that Faculty of Natural Sciences og Faculty of Technical Sciences offer both course-specific student counselling as well as student welfare counselling. Please contact your local student counsellors before contacting the student welfare counsellors. 

Agrobiology, Agro-Environmental Management and Molecular Nutrition and food technology

Diana Brogaard

Bioinformatics, Computer Science and IT Product Development

Henrik Dalsgaard Henriksen


Sara Marie Kryger

Biomedical engineering

Munira Farah     

Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering and Master of Science in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering

Sara Bjerre Sørensen

Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry

Anne Kristensen

Civil and Architectural Engineering

Anna Ullersted Rasmussen     

Computer Engineering

Kristian Kristensen     

Data Science

Henriette Ravn Larsen

Electrical Engineering

Line Madsen

Geology and Geophysics

Peter Hinnerfeldt Andersen

Mathematics, Statistics and Science Studies

Nanna Graves Sørensen

Mathematics - Economics

Anne Katrine Tinggaard

Mechanical Engineering

Thomas Klein

Molecular Medicine

Simone Stensgaard

Molecular Biology

Jeppe Tranberg-Jensen


Lasse Desdorf

Physics and Astronomy

Sheila Lærkegaard Johansen