IT systems

Self-service facility for students

You should enrol in courses and register for examinations every six months via the self-service facility at

It is important that you remember to enrol before the deadline expires.

Make sure you print out an enrolment confirmation and keep it together with your student card. You can also view a degree programme summary and request transcripts of records.

You were given a password when applying for admission via the self-service facility.

E-learning platform

Aarhus University’s e-learning platform is called Blackboard (

Many lecturers use the e-learning platform to publish information about the individual courses, including teaching plans for the coming week, questions relating to practical exercises (often called weekly notes), bibliographies, curriculum, etc.


As a new student, you are automatically given an e-mail address, which is: [first name.middle name.surname] or [student registration number]

All students at Aarhus University have this e-mail address. IMPORTANT: The university uses this address to contact you in connection with examinations, cancellation of lessons, notices about office hours, deadlines, etc., so make sure you check it regularly!

You can also use the address for private purposes. The university does not read your e-mails.

The easiest way to check your emails is to log on via the self-service facility. You can also forward your university e-mails to your personal e-mail address.

Wireless area network – Aarhus University

Students enrolled at Aarhus University can freely use the wireless network eduroam. You can access eduroam using this link: