Other practical information

Other practical information

Student number

All new AU students are issued a 9-digit student number. The student number should be used for all interactions with the administration, and it is a good idea to commit it to memory. You can see your student number on the self-service facility and on your student ID card.

Student identity cards and key cards at Aarhus University

Your student card is your identification at the university or when you otherwise need to prove you are a student.

  • It is particularly important to bring the card when sitting for examinations at the university.
  • In combination with a pin code, the card can be used as a key card to provide access to certain buildings at the university.
  • To get a student card, you must upload a photo of yourself in connection with your enrolment in the degree programme using the self-service facility for students at mit.au.dk, and then order a student card.
  • If you lose your student card you can order a new one via the Self-service

Confirmation of enrolment

The student card as such does not prove that you are an active student at Aarhus University. To prove this, you must have a confirmation of enrolment, which you can print out at any time via the self-service facility on the website.

It is a good idea to always carry both the student card and an updated confirmation of enrolment.

Find your way around Aarhus University

You can find a map of Aarhus University here: AU map.

You can also use the AU Find app for iOS and Android.


Aarhus University’s self-insurance scheme does not cover your personal possessions. We therefore recommend that you take out a third-party liability insurance. If you cause injury or damage to third parties or their property, you are personally responsible for paying compensation unless you have taken out insurance to cover such claims.