Cultural agreements

Under the cultural agreements, scholarships for studies abroad are granted to students and researchers in long-cycle post-secondary degrees. Egypt, Israel, Japan, China, Russia and Korea offer a number of scholarships for both long-term stays and summer language courses.

The cultural agreement scheme is administered by the Danish Agency for Higher Education (UDS) under the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.  You can find the application form and information about the scholarships for the individual countries on the UDS website.

The scholarships are available to Danish students doing long-cycle post-secondary degrees and to researchers and must be used for long-term studies. Similarly, foreign nationals can apply for scholarships to study in Denmark.

In some cases, you must send your application directly to the host country, while in other cases, your application must be submitted to the Danish Agency for Higher Education.

You can find further information about these scholarships here or from the host countries' embassies.

The application deadlines vary from country to country and are published continuously on the UDS website. So stay informed at the UDS website under the tabs for the various countries.

There are cultural agreements with the following countries: