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2020.03.25 | Education

AU Library - your digital library

The library is closed, but you still have acces to electronic ressources. We can also help you with searching for litterature, reference management etc.

2020.03.20 | Education

How will the university lockdown affect your degree programme?

“Corona information from the Faculty of Arts” is a website containing information about the systems that have been put in place and the decisions that have been made for students at the Faculty of Arts. The site will be expanded as we find answers and solutions designed specifically for students at the faculty.

2020.03.12 | Education

Please stay at home from Thursday morning March 12, 2020

Due to Coronavirus Aarhus University temporarily discontinues all educational activities from Thursday morning March 12, 2020. We will identify adequate solutions as soon as possible. Study Centre Arts and the student counsellors are closed - as far as possible, we will answer your questions via E-mail.

2020.03.11 | Education

Are you planning to replace courses on your degree programme with a course from another degree programme?

If you want to take a course on another programme at Aarhus University or another University in Denmark or abroad in the autumn semester, you need to apply for advance approval no later than April 1st.

2020.03.04 | Education

Information about the coronavirus for AU students and staff

We have updated the information in Danish.

2020.02.06 | Education

Change of class? Apply before 15 February

If there are special circumstances and if there is room in the class, you can ask to change to another class on your course.

2020.02.03 | Education

The deadline for registration for re-exam is 28 February

If you are a bachelor's or master's student, and you are taking a re-exam in another semester than your ordinary exam, the deadline for registration is 28 February.

2020.02.03 | Education

Application deadlines for Master's degree programmes at AU

If you plan to start a master's degree in september 2020, don't forget the application deadline 1st of March. Please note that special deadlines apply if you are a non-EU/EEA or non-Swiss citizen without a permanent residence permit in Denmark.

2020.01.27 | Education

15 February is the deadline for applying for a ITTU

If you are planning to spend a semester abroad as a part of a self-designed supplementary subject abroad (ITTU), 15 February is the application deadline for a ITTU and prior approval of courses abroad for the next academic year. Please note that the application procedure has been changed in 2020. Find more information on the ITTU page.

2019.12.17 | Education

If you are going to re-exam i February, don't forget to register

If you don't pass the ordinary exam, you can register for the re-exam that takes place immediately afterwards. Typically in February. See deadline for application and exam date in your exam plan - please be aware, that there is a short deadline for registration.

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