2018.09.14 | Education

Registration for re-exam i February

If you are taking a re-exam in February - becauce you postponed your second attempt or are going to use your third - you must register no later than 28 September. See: 'Re-examination in one of the following semesters'.

2017.09.07 | Education

Remember the application deadline for exchange agreements 15 September

Are you planning to go on exchanges through AU's agreements in the spring semester 2018? Then you must be aware that you need to submit your application for  in AU GO no later than September 15.  Find more information about deadlines and how to apply

2018.06.13 | Education

Introductory week 2018

The introductory week will take place in week 35 (27-31 august). Pages about study start at the individual study programmes will be updated continually - keep an eye on your study programme at

2018.06.07 | Education

Don't forget to apply for SU for your Master’s degree programme

The Bachelor’s and the Master’s degree programmes are two separate programmes, and you therefore have to apply for SU for your Master’s degree programme.

2018.05.24 | Education

New email policy for Arts Studies Administration

On 25 May, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation will enter into force. To ensure that the Arts Studies Administration meets the requirements of the new regulation, all future replies and enquiries will be sent to your AU email address (or your e-Boks).

Photo: Lars Kruse, AU-foto

2018.05.18 | Education

AU has switched to digital diplomas

Starting on 15 May 2018, AU will no longer send diplomas by post to graduates from Aarhus University who use e-Boks. Instead, you will receive your diploma in your e-Boks.

2018.05.17 | Education

Registration for re-exam i August

Find the deadline for registration in your exam plan and register at

2018.05.04 | Education


Due to technical problems, the deadline for course and examregistration for bachelor and master's students has been extended to Monday, 7 May.

2018.04.16 | Education

Registration for courses and exams 1 - 5 May

You will be registered for compulsory teaching and corresponding exams, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you are registered correctly for teaching and exams. If you are taking elective courses, or you want to change or withdraw, you have to register before 5 May.

2018.04.16 | Education

Don't forget to apply for a thesis supervisor

At a range of degree programmes the deadline for applying for a thesis supervisor is 1 May. (Anthropology, Human Security and The Danish School of Education have other deadlines).

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