Study spaces at Health

Study areas at Health

Study areas offering peace and quiet for in-depth study or group work can be found at several locations around the university.

The rules for booking are:

  • You can only book one week ahead
  • A maximum of 2x3 hours per student per week
  • In case of a no-show the room will be available after 15 minutes
  • The door has to stay open so other groups also can work in the room
  • Since the rooms are big, no room can be booked exclusively by one group
  • If you have questions please contact HE Studies at

Read more about the different locations below.

You can find instructions to how to book the rooms in WebUntis here (in Danish).

Find an overview of all study rooms on AU on a map here.

The State and University Library

The State and University Library has around 300 well-equipped student places – all have access to a wireless network.

You can find peace and quiet for in-depth study in our reading room with around 90 study places.

When you need to discuss academic issues etc. together with fellow students, you can use our group rooms. These may be reserved, so that you can be certain that your group has room for dialogue and discussion of assignments and presentations. Add your name to the list at the entrance to the group room.

Victor Albeck Building (VAB)

In the Victor Albeck Building we offer both student places and reading rooms. You book the rooms in WebUntis - find the instruction at the top of the page.

Student places

You will find many individual student places and work stations at AU Library, Health Sciences (at VAB). However, there is also public access for everyone who wishes to make use of the collections, so you should not expect there to be complete silence!

Reading rooms 

If you need peace and quiet to work, you can use the reading rooms in the Victor Albeck Building. We have a reading room on the first floor together with a smaller reading room in the basement. 
In the reading rooms all mobile phones must be switched off and you are not allowed to use computers.

Dalgas Avenue (Sport Science and Nursing)

The third floor has study spaces in the old library. There are also study spaces on the fourth and fifth floors.

It is not possible to make bookings, so it is a case of first-come-first-served. 

Study spaces for sport science students writing their thesis

Sport Science has 12 study spaces for students writing their thesis at Dalgas Avenue. Find out more here

Study spaces for nursing students writing their thesis

The Section for Nursing has six study spaces for students writing their thesis at Dalgas Avenue. Find out more here in the right hand menu


In the Medicinerhuset there are three floors with reading rooms, as well as group rooms that can be booked via a form next to the door.


On the ground floor there are additional rooms, including a lounge and other rooms with tables where you can sit and work.

Public Health Science

In building 1150 (Public Health Science), room 123 is used as reading and group work room. It is not possible to book the room, so it is a case of first-come first-served.

There are three additional smaller rooms where you can also sit and read or do group work. Again, these cannot be booked in advance. 

As a student at Public Health science, your student card provides automatic access to the Victor Albeck Building (VAB), where you also can find study spaces.

School of Dentistry

As an odontology student, you can use he study spaces at the School of Dentistry.

The reading rooms are located in building 1611 in the basement next to the anatomy museum. The rooms in question are 023 and 029, and you need to use your student card for access.

The reading rooms close at 17.00 and are closed on weekends.

In the weekends you can use the cafeteria - use your Student ID card to get in.