Exam results

Results (grades/marks)

Below, you will find information on exam results and the opportunity to lodge complaints or appeals.

After an oral examination, you will be given your exam result immediately after the examination. For all other examinations, your exam results will be posted on your self-service page, where you can look up the results on your programme overview. Exam results must be published no later than four weeks after the exam date. The month of July is not included when counting the four weeks. For the Bachelor’s project, the Master’s thesis and the professional Master’s thesis, the results must be published no later than six weeks after submission. 

The university does not disclose personal information over the telephone or via email.

Complaints and appeals

Complaints and appeals regarding examinations must be lodged with Aarhus University. You may complain about the form and content of the examination and the conduct of the examination, or you may appeal the assessment. You may also complain about procedural matters. You may lodge complaints and appeals in relation to both oral and written examinations.

Please note that:

  • Your complaint or appeal must be lodged within two weeks of the announcement of your exam result.
  • Your complaint or appeal must be lodged in writing and include an explanation of the reasons for the complaint or appeal.
  • It may take some time to consider your complaint or appeal properly, especially if it involves several persons.

When wording your complaint or appeal, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is duly reasoned in order to provide a sound basis for making a decision on your complaint or appeal. This means that you must provide a thorough written account of what your complaint or appeal concerns and why you are lodging it. You must take considerable care when stating your reasons.

The result of your complaint or appeal may be an offer of a new assessment. Please note that if you accept this offer, the final mark may be lower than your original mark.

Complaints and appeals must be addressed and submitted to the studies administration at your faculty. Complaints and appeals regarding examinations taken at AU Summer University must be submitted electronically to AU Summer University.

If you are in any doubt about where to lodge your complaint or appeal, you can contact the counsellors for your degree programme. 


All exam results are recorded in the university’s student system. You will not automatically receive a transcript of your exam results; however, you can print it from the student self-service portal at mit.au.dk.

There are two types of transcripts available: A ‘transcript of records’, which contains information on all the examinations you have passed, and an ‘academic transcript’, which contains information on all your examination attempts, enrolment and leave periods as well as exemptions. If you need the transcript in connection with, for example, transfer to another Danish university, you must obtain the ‘academic transcript’ and enclose it with your application for transfer.

Transcripts can also be ordered via your study centre. If you collect the transcript in person, please bring your ID. If you send someone else in your place, he or she must bring a written authorisation signed by you as well as ID.