Take the 2020 study environment survey now

It’s time to evaluate the academic environment at Aarhus University. By taking the survey, you can help improve the academic environment at AU and make a difference for yourself and your fellow students.

About the survey

Since 2007, Aarhus University has performed a study environment survey every third year – most recently in 2017. This is the first time that the survey will be performed as an integrated part of the national survey carried out by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. You will receive the questionnaire in your e-Boks and your AU inbox at the beginning of week 43.

The questionnaire will ask you about your academic and social well-being. A wide variety of topics are covered, including well-being, feedback, contact to your lecturers, physical infrastructure, stress and loneliness as well as bullying. 

The survey is being performed by Epinion on behalf of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.


How will the results be used?

The study environment survey is an important tool to help the university provide a good environment for learning and study to all students.

The university actively takes steps to address the challenges the surveys bring to light. After the last survey in 2017, the University introduced a number of initiatives – here are a few examples:

  • The quality of the academic environment is high on the agenda in relation to the physical development of its campuses
  • AU’s Educational IT initiative focuses on using technology to strengthen a differentiated learning environment and give students better opportunities for giving feedback
  • AU introduced the campaign ‘Zero Tolerance’ which is about encouraging students not to tolerate harassment, bullying, violence or discrimination in any form.
  • The Student Council and the other student organisations have contributed to the development of initiatives to prevent stress among students.
  • In connection with the covid-19 situation, AU has supported the development of AU Studypedia, which is a tool students can use to improve their academic and social well-being in a difficult time.
  • The faculties have also introduced their own local initiatives to improve the academic environment for students on individual degree programmes.

The results are also used by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science in relation to:

  • The Learning Questionnaire (Læringsbarometer) (which uncovers the students' perception of their degree programme learning environment and their own approach to learning)
  • "Uddannelseszoom" (online guidance tool for coming students)
  • Well-being (under the auspices of the ministry's Trivselskontor)
  • Teaching environment (under the auspices of Dansk Center for Undervisningsmiljø).

Important dates

  • Tuesday 20 October: You will receive the questionnaire in your e-Boks
  • Thursday 22 October: You will receive the questionnaire in your AU inbox.
  • October – November: You will receive a series of reminders in your e-Boks, your AU inbox and by text message.
  • Friday 15 December: Deadline for taking the survey
  • Spring 2021: Publication of results

See previous surveys

Since 2007, Aarhus University has been performing regular study environment surveys to take the temperature of students’ well-being.