Practical information about your course

Where does the summer university teaching take place?

Teaching in Aarhus takes place, with very few exceptions, in the Nobel Park. Please make sure to allocate a little extra time the first day to locate your classroom. And keep in mind that there is no academic quarter unless it is explicitly stated by the lecturer in advance. The list of classrooms for each course can be found here

When does the teaching take place?

For most courses you can find the dates and teaching times in the course catalogue and on Brightspace you will find curriculum and list of literature for your course from early June. In general, summer courses are very intensive and the workload may be quite heavy, so you cannot count on having too much free time during the course.

You cannot expect the academic quarter to be standard, unless stated explicitly. If the syllabus says that teaching starts at 9.00, please come at 9.00! At least on the first day of classes.

Since some subjects are taught by international guest teachers, you should expect things to be a bit different from the usual AU model. The break structure, teaching methods, etc. may be different. Take it for what it is - a bonus experience and talk to the professor, if you think there is too little or too much of something.

AU Summer University courses will not appear in your mystudies timetable. 

Literature and other course materials

The syllabus will be posted on Brightspace as soon as we receive them from the lecturers. It will be at the end of May at the earliest, and the end of June at the latest.

Library access

AU Library, Nobelparken

AU Library, Nobelparken are (with other AU Librarys) open under AU Summer University.
You can get 24/7 access with your student ID card

AU Library, Nobelparken 
Jens Chr. Skous Vej 5, Bygning 1461-63 
DK 8000 Aarhus C 
Tlf: 9135 6447


Exam information will be posted on Brightspace, but you can already find the exam dates for most courses on the course page (or in the course catalog).

Be aware that the exam flow is activated later than you may be used to. You can expect to see your exam in Wiseflow or Digital Exam approx. 1 week before the exam starts.

Remember to check if your exam appears in either Wiseflow (BSS) or in Digital Exam (ARTS, ST, HE) well before the exam starts, so we have the opportunity to help you in case of any problems.

The exact same rules apply for uploads of exam papers as for all other exams. If an exam paper is not uploaded on time, you must apply for an exemption in order get your exam assessed. Please note that exemption is rarely given and only if special circumstances applies. So be sure to upload your exam on time.

Contact information

You can always contact us if you have any questions via e-mail: 

During the event, in July and August, you can also contact our helpdesk, located in building 1453 in the Nobel Park, where most of the teaching takes place.

At the helpdesk, our very nice and talented student assistants will do their best to help you. The helpdesk in Nobelparken is open from 9:00 -15:30.

Outside the Summer University period you are also welcome to drop by for counselling and general information on Summer University related matters. You do not have to book us but can just ask for us in the reception at the International Center, Høegh Guldbergs Gade 4A.