Aarhus University moves up the ranking list

Aarhus University has moved up twelve places in the Shanghai ranking list of the world’s best universities. With its placing as number eighty-six, the university is thus among this year’s high jumpers on the list.

Aarhus University’s advancement is due to the fact that researchers at the university have had more articles published in the esteemed journals Science and Nature in recent years, and that the university has altogether had more articles published in numerous reputable scientific journals. Finally, points are also added to the ranking list because Dale T. Mortensen, Department of Economics and Business, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences 2010.

“It’s pleasing that we’ve advanced to number eighty-six in the world and number twenty-eight in Europe. This is a great signal to the outside world, because a good placing has enormous significance when students and researchers choose a university. For a number of years now, Aarhus University has been among the top one hundred universities in the world in several different ranking lists. However, I’d like to emphasise the fact that no unequivocal way of measuring the quality of the universities exists,” says Rector Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen.

The Shanghai ranking list – formally known as the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) – has been produced since 2003 and is thus the oldest of the recognised ranking lists of the world’s best universities. Harvard University in the USA has topped the list in all these years, and American universities currently account for sixteen of the top eighteen places.

The attached account shows the placing of Aarhus University and the other Danish universities appearing in the list.

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