New rules: You may now use AI when writing your Master’s thesis or Bachelor’s project

Aarhus University has relaxed its rules on the use of artificial intelligence in exams. At this stage, the new rules only affect students who are submitting their Bachelor’s project or Master’s thesis this summer. Get an overview of the new rules here.

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More students at AU will now be able to use ChatGPT and other forms of generative artificial intelligence (GAI) in their exams. The rules have just been changed, and this means that, from now on, you’ll be able to use the technology in the following forms of assessment:

  • Bachelor’s projects
  • Master’s theses
  • Final exams on continuing and further education programmes
  • Exams for which it explicitly states in the course description that students may use generative artificial intelligence.

In all other cases, you are not permitted to use generative artificial intelligence in your exams. Ask your supervisor or lecturer if you are unsure of these rules.

What you need to know if you use AI in your exam

If you use tools based on generative artificial intelligence in your exam (when permitted), you must do the following:

  • Clearly state how you have used the tool. Please do this in an appendix and attach it to your exam assignment. You must describe your prompting methods. For example, whether you have used the tool in your preparatory work, to answer questions, to search for information, to give you feedback, to critique your work, or to proofread your text.
  • Provide a reference for any AI-generated text you use and present this text as a citation – just as you are required to do for all text produced by others. Read more about the rules for citations here.

It is important that you follow these guidelines, otherwise your use of generative artificial intelligence will be considered as exam cheating. Read about the penalties for exam cheating.

Read more about the rules and AU's general guidelines regarding exam cheating.