Career Management Skills

Career Management Skills (CMS)

The Career Management Skills course will help you consider the practical experience gained through your internship in a theoretical and personal perspective.

As a participant, you will learn to combine your practical experience and academic qualifications with your personal development. The aim is to make you explicitly aware of the strengths and competences you have already developed, as well as making you reflect on your future career journey

Statements from former participants:

  • “Crazy useful”
  • “Helped me know myself better, and started the journey of discovering my competences on a deeper level.“
  • ”Interesting and useful for understanding what is expected from us as young professionals and how to position ourselves on the job market.

What is the content?

Career Management Skills (CMS) workshops are offered during the internship period.
Participating in the CMS workshops will give you time for reflection and provide you with valuable tools for your future career and life decision-making processes. You will get the chance to reflect on what is important to you in your future career and life - and develop a sense of direction and overview of the complete set of skills, experience and personality that you can offer a company or organisation. 

Participation in the CMS workshops will also support the completion of the internship report, as it will enable you to write the reflexive analysis and discussion.

Internship in Denmark
You will automatically be enrolled in CMS on Blackboard, and participate in a blended-learning course consisting of: 

  • 1 on-campus workshop: 6 hours
  • 2 online modules incl. individual career coaching

Internship abroad
You will automatically be enrolled in CMS on Blackboard, and participate in an online course consisting of: 

  • 3 online tracks, incl. individual career coaching

Remember to plan and coordinate the course schedule with your internship organisation. 

Why participate?

Through the course, you will acquire a number of tools that will enable you to relate your practical experience from your internship to your competences and career aspirations. It is a great opportunity to become aware of what characterises both your personal and professional profile.

All of this is extremely important because your future employer wants you to:

  • Know yourself and your skills
  • Be able to communicate those skills
  • Be aware of how you can contribute
  • Know about employer needs

... and this course can help you with that.

When is it?

You will receive a notification in your AU-mailbox with the exact dates and locations in the middle of August.

Do you wanna know more?

Please contact Malene, if you have any questions.