Webinar on the European Parliament Elections 2024

Are you ready for the (perhaps) most important election ever?

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Tirsdag 4. juni 2024,  kl. 17:00 - 18:00

From 6 – 9 June, EU citizens from all member states can cast their votes in what has been dubbed the most important Parliament election ever. In Denmark, election day is 9 June - but do you actually know what the election is all about?

Join this webinar and get an hour of insights from top Circle U. expert academics, who will provide you with the essentials to prepare you for the upcoming election such as:

How do the elections work, how do we communicate about it, what are some of the important themes, what powers does the European parliament have and why should we all vote?


  1. European Parliament elections: What is it all about? (Professor Jens Blom-Hansen, Aarhus University
  2. The discourse of the online EP elections campaign (Professor Barabara De Cock, UCLouvain)
  3. The EP elections and migration and defense policies (Lecturer Alex Clarkson, Kings College London)
  4. The EP elections and rule-of-law in the member states (Senior lecturer Claudia Matthes, Humboldt University)
  5. Q & A

Moderator: Associate professor Jens Jungblut, University of Oslo

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