Studiestart Antropologi Kandidat

Dear new Anthropology students,

Your studies will commerce in week 36, and we look forward to welcoming all of you! Below you find your programme for the the intro week and information about Campus Moesgaard.

Course enrollment 1st semester


During the period 5-10 August 2019 you need to choose whether you wish to attend the course called “Nyere antropologiske temaer: Almen antropologi” or the course called “Contemporary anthropological themes: General anthropology” in the autumn semester of 2019.

Read more about enrolling for teaching and exams (including enrolling for elective subjects on the first semester).


Academic regulations for the Master’s degree programme in anthropology (2017).

Introduction for international students

If you are an international student, please be aware that International Centre at Aarhus University arranges a separate introduction programme, which it is expected of you to take part in. You can find more information here

IT-systems and important links

  • is the entry to teaching, studyinformation and self-service systems. Here you will find your weekly schedule, the study portal, academic regulations, AU-mail, important notifications, links to sites and systems and much more. The only thing you need to do is to log on to From there you have access to everything you need as a student.
  • Blackboard  is a platform for e-learning, where you teachers upload material and other information relevant to teaching.
  • is for study self-service. Among other things, you can order a student card here and access STADS (read more below).
  • Student self-service (STADS) is the site, where you can see your exam results, order exam transcripts etc. STADS is also the site where you can register for courses and exams, whenever your degree programme requires you to. See a guide on the use of STADS.
  • is your study portal (you are here now!) and all information relevant to teaching, exam, rules, regulation, guidance etc. is gathered on this site.
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