Orientation Week Cognitive Science BA 2019

Dear new Cognitive Science students

Welcome to the international bachelor program in Cognitive Science at Aarhus University!

Cognitive Science is a study consisting of many exciting disciplines including neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology, among many others. Throughout the first year of your education, you will gain insight into the vast landscape of theories concerning cognition as well as learning how to conduct your very own scientific experiments. You will learn how to program and make statistical analyses, unlocking the world of BIG data with your fingertips. You will perform brain scans or have your own brain scanned with/by your fellow students in an MR-scanner and you will play around with EEG-equipment.

Well… As you might already imagine, choosing Cognitive Science as your bachelor was an excellent choice!

So, dear future friend, we would like to invite you to participate in an introduction program that takes place from 26th-30th of August. The aim of the introduction week is to help you to get to know your fellow students and future teachers. It is filled with fun social activities and it will give you an insight into student life and the study environment at Aarhus University.

We are looking forward to meeting you in August!

BIG hugs//

Your Future Tutors

Practical information

The introduction week starts Monday the 26th, at 09:00 with breakfast in small groups at one of the tutors’ homes. You will receive an e-mail about these groups later on, including information about the tutors and where to meet – and don’t worry too much about distance, as we’ll try to find a tutor close to you. From here, we will go to the University together, where we will start our first day together with exciting games and lectures. Throughout the week, we have loads of fun prepared for you and you can find the full program below, but to sum it up we can disclose that it’ll include games in our University Park, a pub crawl downtown, lectures by Cognitive Science teachers, and a GRAND party Friday the 30th of August to finish off the amazing week with bravado.

Our main goal is to prepare a cosy and friendly program, so you can get to know your fellow students, get a good impression of the study, and feel prepared to start your first semester at Cognitive Science. All you need to bring for the introduction week is lunch, unless you want to try our lovely canteen, appropriate clothes (check the weather forecast before you leave), and a good mood! You can read more about the first week and the program in the introduction material, which you can download from this page.

Please also join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/331760887739061/

Commencement of studies exam

As of 1/9 2016 a commencement of studies exam has been introduced on all Bachelor’s degree programmes at the Faculty of Arts. This exam will be conducted in September during the first semester of the Bachelor’s degree programme.

On the Cognitive Science programme the exam is linked with the course called Cognition and Communication. You can use the link to read more about the nature of this exam in the course catalogue.

It is important that you are well informed about the commencement of studies exam. During the introduction week your student counsellor can tell you more about the commencement of studies exam on your degree programme.

IT-systems and important links

  • mitstudie.au.dk is the entry to teaching, studyinformation and self-service systems. Here you can find your weekly schedule, studyportal, academic regulations, AU-mail, important notifications, links to sites and systems and much more. The only thing you need to do is to log on to mitstudie.au.dk. From there you have access to everything you need as a student.
  • Blackboard  is a platform for e-learning, where you teachers upload material and other information relevant to teaching.
  • mit.au.dk is for study self-service. Among other things, you can order a student card here and access STADS (read more below).
  • Student self-service (STADS) is the site, where you can see your exam results, order exam transcripts etc. STADS is also the site where you can register for courses and exams, whenever your degree programme requires you to. Se a guide on the use of STADS.
  • studerende.au.dk/arts is your study portal (you are here now!), where all information relevant to teaching, exam, rules, regulation, guidance etc. is collected.

IT-systemer og vigtige links

  • mitstudie.au.dk er indgangen til undervisning, studieinformation og selvbetjeningssystemer. Her finder du ugeskema, studieportal, studieordning, AU-mail, vigtige beskeder, links til sites og systemer og meget mere. Det er faktisk kun nødvendigt at logge ind på mitstudie.au.dk, for herfra kan du komme videre til alt det, du har brug for som studerende.

  • Blackboard er en e-læringsplatform, hvor dine undervisere uploader materialer og andet relevant information til din undervisning.

  • mit.au.dk er til studieselvbetjening, hvor du eksempelvis kan bestille studiekort og gå på STADS (se mere herunder).

  • Studieselvbetjeningen (STADS) er stedet, hvor du kan se dine eksamensresultater, bestille eksamensudskrifter, m.m.. Det er også her du tilmelder dig kurser og eksamen, når det i din uddannelse bliver nødvendigt. Se guide om brug af STADS.

  • studerende.au.dk/arts er din studieportal (du er her lige nu!), hvor al relevant information om undervisning, eksamen, regler, vejledning m.m. er samlet.

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