Mind the Gap

Work across boundaries with your fellow students at 'Mind the Gap Day' at Campus Herning.

06.09.2019 | Mette Bak Odder

Dato fre 27 sep
Tid 09:00 16:00
Sted Birk Centerpark 15, 7400 Herning
Tilmelding er lukket

On Friday the 27th of September you will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills, as well as practical experience, that will allow you to work across professional and personal boundaries. Mind the Gap Day also offers you with the occasion to meet your fellow students and work with people with different academic and professional interests than yours. 

Built around the Connect to Campus Herning Prize., multidisciplinary teams will cooperate on generating ideas to address the challenges presented by students not being physically present at Campus Herning every day, or by potential future students not knowing that Campus Herning exists and offers a wide range of study programmes. The choice of the focus is yours.

All you need to do to join us is to register at https://btechwebtech.com/mindthegap/register.php

Registration to the event is compulsory!