Aarhus School of Business - an international employer


At the moment there are 17 vacancies at Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University (ASB). When they are filled, six of the new employees will most likely have an international background. ASB thrives as an international employer and the development seems to continue.

In 2007, there have been more international applicants than ever before and more than one third of all applications come from an international applicant. According to Charlotte Thomsen, Human Resource Consultant, one of the reasons that ASB is so successful in attracting and hiring international employees is, that all vacancies are posted internationally, which ensures an international working environment with the most qualified researchers. 

- We have posted almost all vacancies in international media for a long period of time, and it really pays off. Not only do we get more applicants,  we get more qualified applicants, and at the same time we create an international research environment with some of the best scientists and researchers from all over the world, Charlotte Thomsen explains.

Integrated internationalization
Hiring international employees and creating an international workplace is part of ASBs overall strategy. A strategy that will help ASB stay in top as one of the best business schools in the world.

-We are interested in getting the best employees possible in order to increase the internationalization at ASB. This development means that we can attract the most qualified employees, which is also a great benefit when it comes to our accreditation, Børge Obel, Dean of Aarhus School of business, explains

And the internationalization does not stop within the research departments. More than one thousand international students ensure an international study environment that benefits both the school and the students.

-An integrated internationalization between the students and the researchers means that we get a good international reputation with a lot of ambassadors around the world, Børge Obel says

Becoming an international business school is no picnic. It takes hard work and dedication from everybody involved in the process.

-It is certainly not an easy task and we work hard in order to give our international employees the best conditions possible – as we do with all our employees. But it is a process which takes time and we get better at it everyday, Børge Obel says

The Human Resource Department is a great contributor to that process. They help with a lot of the practicalities and help new international employees so that they get the right permits and fill out the right forms.

- We help them with a lot of administrative work such as making sure that they get a social security number, a work permit and a residence permit. We also co-operate with PricewaterhouseCoopers if the employees have questions on tax issues. This helps them getting a good start at ASB, so that they can focus on their research, Charlotte Thomsen explains

In 2007, ASB hired 45 new international employees including PhD students and guest professors.