ASBIS and AIESEC ASB: Are you proud of your country?

Then come and present it at the Global Village organized by ASBIS and AIESEC ASB!

What is a Global Village?
It is a Nationalities Fair where foreign students can present their country: traditions, food & clothing. There will be stands for each country where two to four representatives will be standing.

When is it?
The Event will be held in the Aula, ASB on the 9th of February,
 from 3 p.m.

What is required from you?
1. To be present on the actual day
2. To bring along: brochures, posters (calendars), traditional food and/or sweets, traditional cloths(it would be great if you would wear them), your country's flag if you have one, anything that represents your country and that you think it will be really cool to show to everybody, your enthusiasm and great spirit.

1. You will get the chance to show everybody what a great country you have
2. We are working on free beer tickets in Klubben after the event – so don't miss it and let's have fun!

Sign up!
If you are interested and up to do it you can sign up either as an individual or as a group (ex: German Delegation) by writing to one of the following addresses:

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